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Journaling: A Friend for Life

January 03, 20241 min read

"It shows you who you are and who you can be"

- Beth Karpinski

Journaling: A Friend for Life

There's something refreshing about starting a journal

A fresh start, a blank page, a new journey

Everything is neat and clean and perfect

No messy writing, no tear stains, no swear words

But they will come, they will surely come

And that's the beauty of journaling

It helps you get it all out of your head and onto the paper

And somewhere between your mind and the words

Clarity comes


Journaling is a friend for life

It listens without judging, it speaks without lying

It supports you, challenges you, inspires you

It helps you cope, heal, grow

It shows you who you are and who you can be

It reminds you of your past and guides you to your future

It celebrates your joys and comforts your sorrows

It gives you a voice and a choice

Journaling is a friend for life

And all it asks in return is your honesty and your time

So grab a pen and a notebook, or a keyboard and a screen

And write whatever comes to your mind and heart

Don't worry about the rules or the results

Just enjoy the process and the progress

And discover the magic of journaling

A friend for life

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Beth Karpinski

Founder of C.R.E.A.T.E.

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