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The Power of Your Vibe

January 03, 20244 min read

“Start taking note of your vibe, asking yourself if this is how you want to show up for yourself and those you love.” - Beth Karpinski

The Power of Your Vibe

Have you ever stopped to think about how it feels to be around certain people?

How some people, without saying a word, can make you feel accepted? How others may have something attractive that makes you want to know more?

How some may have a lighthearted, fun vibe, while others may seem like old souls with a deep wisdom that doesn’t match their physical age? And yet others may have a youthful playfulness that doesn’t match the wrinkles etched in their skin.

On the flipside, some people can give off energy that warns us to keep our distance.

Or sometimes we can sense another’s deep sadness, or the weight of the world upon their shoulders. All of this can be sensed without sharing a single word. We can literally FEEL this energy simply from being in their presence.

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

8 Reasons

There is no doubt that we all have an energy or vibration about us that others can feel, just as we can feel theirs if we pay attention. And whether you pay attention or not, you are indeed giving off a vibe.

So let me ask you this: Are you paying attention to the vibe you are giving? Are you aware of the effect that your energy has on those around you? Are you aware of the energy your vibe has on you personally?

Believe it or not, we have some control over the vibe we give off. Of course, some of our vibe stems from who we genuinely and authentically are. But some of our vibe is controlled by our current emotional state.

So why am I getting so deep about this? Well, I believe that it is up to us to tend to our own vibe. It truly has such an enormous effect on every single aspect of our life: every relationship we have, every person we come in contact with, how we perceive life, and how we perform in our work.

So, how do we tend to our vibe? There are lots of ways! And they all involve one thing: taking a little alone time to tune in, be aware, and intentionally choose how we want to show up for ourselves and others. How do we want our vibe, our energy, to affect our actions and the people around us? Ultimately, making a choice about this affects our own mood, our own level of joy.

Sometimes we are just going to go through hard times, right?

Absolutely! And I’m not suggesting that you pretend to be in a place you are not.

However, when things are stressful, we can choose to focus on hope instead of the problem. We can choose to be curious about the possible solutions to the problems we face. We can choose to think about our options in the situation, the people in our lives who can support us as we figure it out, or even be grateful that we have choices and people in our lives to support us.

I could go on and on, but the points I’m trying to make are these:

  • We all have a vibe or energy that affects us and those around us.

  • We should start taking note of this vibe, asking ourselves if this is how we want to show up for ourselves and those we love.

  • We need to take a little alone time to contemplate this, and intentionally choose where we want to go from here.

  • We need to make sure that we are choosing which part of our thoughts that we wish to emphasize: hope or frustration, problems or solutions, what we do have or what we don’t have, what we do want or what we don’t want.

Our energy, our vibe, says a lot about us, and there are ways to raise our vibration if we make it a priority.

  • Taking deep breaths

  • Scanning our body for tightness or resistance

  • Journaling

  • Meditating

  • Yoga

  • Walking, especially in nature

  • Working out

I hope this helps you to improve your vibe. 😊

Please stay tuned for the entire series:

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Beth Karpinski

Founder of C.R.E.A.T.E.

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