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What if fear could be our friend?

January 03, 20241 min read

“What if, when we feel fear, we also feel a surge of faith that a higher power is taking charge and leading us?” - Beth Karpinski

What if fear could be our friend?

Fear is a universal emotion, but does it have to be a negative one?

What if we could embrace fear as a gift, a signal, a catalyst?

What if we could see fear as a sign of divine intervention and alignment?

What if, when we feel fear, we also feel a surge of faith that a higher power is taking charge and leading us?

This might feel like confidence. Like a wave of peace that enables us to let go of everything and trust the outcome.


Perhaps fear is just a gentle nudge that GUS (God, Universe, Source) is saying, “It’s my turn. You just sit back and relax for a moment. I will handle this for you.” Then, a warm, safe, cozy feeling envelops us.

We would likely feel so grateful that GUS is taking GUS’s turn in our co-creation!

What if we could just trust fully? We would simply need to be ourselves, and the confident next steps would be shown to us. We could just allow and receive with appreciation and the feeling of being taken care of.

I bet that sometimes, GUS responds instantly by making us feel empowered, free, bigger, stronger, brighter, smarter, superhuman. We would probably feel invincible with GUS, stepping into us.

At other times, I bet it could feel like nothing is happening at all. But maybe… if we are patient… we could just KNOW that behind the scenes and without our awareness, everything is being arranged for our benefit.

Hmm. What if?

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Beth Karpinski

Founder of C.R.E.A.T.E.

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