How it Started

Beth Karpinski

In the fall of 2022, during my typical morning routine of journaling and meditation, I was inexplicably moved to create a coaching course.

At the time, it was clear to me that this idea was not mine alone but guided by
GUS… what I call Higher Power.

(GUS stands for God, Universe, and Source.)


The course that came to me was to help people who struggle with goal setting and achieving.

I am not just talking about normal goal setting, but truly manifesting the dreams that are in your heart.

This course tumbled out of me and onto paper, as though I had been planning and preparing it for years.

And I guess in many ways, I was… unconsciously and through life experience.

(I have literally been studying this topic for the last 30 years!)

The name of the course was clear to me:


Each letter in the word signified one step in the process.

Now, to those of you who are spiritually inclined, this concept may not seem very weird to you, because when we take time to listen to our inner guidance, our inner guidance does what it does best: it guides us.

But for me to write a coaching program was weird.

Now mind you, I have produced coaching programs before, this was not the first time.

In fact, in 2012, I wrote a coaching workbook and produced a series of 26 DVDs that completely walked participants through a holistic wellness journey.

However, that was a past life and career, and was not my situation anymore. I was no longer a coach, I was a financial advisor. Why the heck was inner guidance writing coaching programs through me?

This had absolutely NOTHING to do with my current situation.

Of course, I put it aside and tried not to think about it.

Except when I didn’t.

I found it fun to think about. Sometimes, I even woke up at 3 AM giving speeches about it in my head.

But what was I supposed to do with a coaching program as a financial planner?

C.R.E.A.T.E. continued to stalk me.

It created a battle between my heart and my head.

My heart wanted to share it with the world.

My head chastised me because I had worked so hard for the past eight years building and growing a business, studying endless hours for licenses and designations, and growing particularly fond of those special clients who had trusted me for guidance.

I could not walk away from that! I would be letting so many people down!

For a time, I eased my heart AND my mind by putting that dream on the “someday” pile.

That worked for a hot second.…Well, at least I told myself it was working.


Meanwhile, I began feeling like I was in a cage. I was becoming resentful for no reason of which I could think. These feelings grew until I got a bit of a health scare.

No doubt, my body had to express these growing, unsettled, and resentful, trapped feelings somehow. And while that medical scare was “cleared” for the time being, I was warned that I had an incredibly high likelihood of developing cancer down the road.

My “genetic gun” was loaded, and I needed to be very careful not to do anything to trigger it.

As I was recovering from the exploratory surgery that this scare required, that “someday dream”
of C.R.E.A.T.E. kept nagging me… louder and LOUDER,

It seemed that I could no longer ignore or push it off.

It was screaming at me:


These feelings were so loud, that I needed to make a bold and scary decision… but one that I knew in my heart I needed to make.

Once I made the decision that I would listen to inner guidance, I did not know how it was going to work. I just knew that I was going to point myself in the direction of figuring it out.

But that is the cool part about spirituality and following your inner guidance… it is not necessarily up to us to figure out the “how.”

We HAVE help!

Our job is to follow our inner guidance. Then, somehow… magically… opportunities open up.

Places your eyes need to land, they land. People who you need to meet, you meet.

It is our job to open our heart and trust.

To believe.

To surrender control and allow ourselves to be guided.

And when we do that, miracles happen. Those miracles are often dressed up or disguised as coincidence and happenstance, but do not be fooled.

Fast forward:

C.R.E.A.T.E. is the LLC I founded in 2023.

C.R.E.A.T.E. takes the best of ALL of me.

All my experiences.

All my learning.

All my failures.

All my triumphs.

C.R.E.A.T.E. combines it ALL into a spiritual, manifestational, strategic, step-by-step process for women who desire to create the life of their dreams

It is both magical and practical.

It is black and white and gray all over.

I am officially announcing it to the world…

World, meet my heart.


Please enjoy the entire series of C.R.E.A.T.E.:

  • Group Coaching

  • Digital course

  • Book

  • Journal

C.R.E.A.T.E. is for women who are sick of playing a support role in their own life and are ready to become the lead actress & director!

Are you ready to take creative control of your life?

~Beth Karpinski


"I really enjoyed this class... it helped me start to dream again, and work on the limiting beliefs that hold us back! Beth did a great job, and her passion to help others is contagious!!"

Becky S.

"C.R.E.A.T.E. has given me the tools to be able to consistently bring myself back to my goals and mission in life as I continue to grow personally and professionally within my career. I came out of this experience as a happier and healthier version of myself that I haven't seen in a long time and have missed over the years!"

Vanessa C.